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Tagged: Adult Themes, Sexuality, Nudity, Pornography

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  Adware added on 2008-08-31 by elcee001 Rejected
  Alcohol added on 2012-06-09 by bboyooi Rejected
  Classifieds added on 2009-06-01 by adamisk Rejected
  Dating added on 2010-05-28 by sherrey000 Rejected
  Gambling added on 2012-06-05 by iuls Rejected
  Health and Fitness added on 2012-11-30 by boxie Awaiting votes
  Humor added on 2009-09-12 by davooda Rejected
  Instant Messaging added on 2010-09-24 by kevin_net Rejected
  Movies added on 2009-03-03 by kirbyjh Rejected
  P2P/File sharing added on 2009-08-20 by mertburgaz Rejected
  Portals added on 2012-06-20 by manfire Awaiting votes
  Social Networking added on 2009-08-19 by burim Rejected
  Video Sharing added on 2009-03-03 by kirbyjh Rejected
  Weapons added on 2009-11-21 by mantisa.mae Rejected
  Webmail added on 2009-10-05 by morgarts Rejected
  Photo Sharing added on 2008-09-19 by deathzorer26 Rejected
  Music added on 2010-05-24 by asusclub Rejected
  Sports added on 2011-11-15 by sten.yts Rejected
  Advertising added on 2008-10-05 by chedni Rejected
  Research/Reference added on 2009-09-22 by shankar927 Rejected
  Business Services added on 2008-10-07 by solist Rejected
  Adult Themes added on 2008-07-08 by bloodx Approved by zelus Moderator
  Tasteless added on 2008-12-29 by tcfanatic48 Rejected
  Lingerie/Bikini added on 2008-12-21 by tcfanatic48 Rejected
  Proxy/Anonymizer added on 2009-07-10 by miajeann Rejected
  Sexuality added on 2008-03-20 by dtlink Approved by Davi Cavalheiro Moderator
  Nudity added on 2008-03-20 Approved by zelus Moderator
  Pornography added on 2008-03-20 Approved by zelus Moderator
  Travel added on 2011-06-30 by mhashim1 Rejected
  Non-Profits added on 2012-03-27 by ucrkarthik Rejected

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None pornography Porn Sites [ADULT] Porno domains new Porno domains new ADULT [porno] domains. false positives ~2-3% video streaming causes lag and others are for adults only My children have been searching sites such as these, I need a way to block them. Pornography sites. Adult only.

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