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Tagged: URL Shorteners

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  Adware added on 2012-01-04 by rtrappman Awaiting votes
  Portals added on 2015-06-29 by bionicdave Awaiting votes
  Search Engines added on 2012-05-09 by centrexindia Awaiting votes
  Social Networking added on 2014-03-29 by devashish4 Rejected
  Visual Search Engi... added on 2015-04-21 by thulu Awaiting votes
  Software/Technolog... added on 2011-09-09 by rabbitmonkey Rejected
  Advertising added on 2012-01-31 by crabster Awaiting votes
  Research/Reference added on 2015-10-09 by tecnico_inter Rejected
  Business Services added on 2010-10-01 by commanderbond Awaiting votes
  Parked Domains added on 2015-10-06 by bart-s.ds.patola Awaiting votes
  Adult Themes added on 2014-02-20 by kellilynn Rejected
  Tasteless added on 2013-01-03 by boca_chica Rejected
  Proxy/Anonymizer added on 2011-01-22 by nwoca_dns Rejected
  Sexuality added on 2015-03-26 by andrew2 Awaiting votes
  Nudity added on 2015-03-26 by andrew2 Rejected
  Pornography added on 2011-03-10 by farmscott Rejected
  Web Spam added on 2013-12-08 by pc-checker2 Awaiting votes
  URL Shorteners added on 2016-06-04 by 6188261 Approved by fatts Moderator

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URL Comment
None is a url shortener, like its not spam, its not spyware but it can be used to redirect users to other websites
None is a url shortener ONLY. Just because some users use for spam, nudity, adware, tasteless etc. does not mean it is categorised in that category! Going on this logic you could categorise Facebook as nudity, portals, tasteless etc. - even th

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