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Tagged: Chat, Adult Themes, Lingerie/Bikini, Nudity, Pornography

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  Adware added on 2008-03-01 by dahia Awaiting votes
  Chat added on 2008-05-09 by Jonathan Yaniv Approved by zelus
  Classifieds added on 2010-10-08 by haydn Awaiting votes
  Ecommerce/Shopping added on 2010-10-08 by haydn Rejected
  Gambling added on 2011-12-13 by marcusthebrave Rejected
  Instant Messaging added on 2010-10-08 by haydn Awaiting votes
  Jobs/Employment added on 2012-04-28 by livequeens Rejected
  Movies added on 2012-04-28 by livequeens Awaiting votes
  Portals added on 2014-05-17 by rcworld Rejected
  Social Networking added on 2009-11-12 by aseng7 Awaiting votes
  Video Sharing added on 2009-11-20 by Cristian Felipe Awaiting votes
  Advertising added on 2008-08-02 by George M Awaiting votes
  Adult Themes added on 2008-04-15 by dainkul Approved by zelus
  Tasteless added on 2011-02-01 by andrew2 Rejected
  Lingerie/Bikini added on 2009-08-11 by itsolutionsinc Approved by zelus
  Proxy/Anonymizer added on 2008-05-07 by sm71 Rejected
  Sexuality added on 2008-05-03 by jahjahman Rejected
  Nudity added on 2008-03-20 Approved by fatts Moderator
  Pornography added on 2008-03-20 Approved by fatts Moderator
  Forums/Message boa... added on 2013-01-21 by yo-jimbo Awaiting votes
  Academic Fraud added on 2015-09-13 by gulam33 Rejected
  Web Spam added on 2016-11-10 by practical-is-msp Awaiting votes

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URL Comment porn site that was not filtered with OpenDNS home :( please update your blacklist ASAP! None Блокировка порнографических сайтов Porn All of livequeens' tags should probably be changed to porn

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