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Tagged: Adult Themes, Lingerie/Bikini, Sexuality, Nudity, Pornography

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  Business Services added on 2009-08-28 by fariderny Rejected
  Parked Domains added on 2011-12-06 by ctidiane Awaiting votes
  Adult Themes added on 2008-04-09 by obey Approved by zelus Moderator
  Tasteless added on 2008-05-05 by OpenDNS User Rejected
  Lingerie/Bikini added on 2008-06-30 by cyntek Approved by zelus Moderator
  Proxy/Anonymizer added on 2009-01-15 by latinsunshine70 Rejected
  Sexuality added on 2008-04-02 by sodacan Approved by zelus Moderator
  Nudity added on 2008-03-14 Approved by fatts Moderator
  Pornography added on 2008-03-10 by infotechdns Approved by fatts Moderator
  Religious added on 2009-05-07 by jlordofall Rejected
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  Podcasts added on 2011-06-16 by Unknown Rejected
  Academic Fraud added on 2009-12-18 by OpenDNS User Rejected
  Tobacco added on 2012-04-25 by pyro55 Rejected
  Anime/Manga/Webcom... added on 2012-07-18 by ducklin Rejected
  Web Spam added on 2012-06-30 by ploosimurax Rejected
  URL Shortener added on 2016-06-08 by fredericomaia Rejected

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Adult Information

URL Comment None None These are not blocked by OpenDNS When typed with the "www" the domain is not blocked. None None None
none late any one use it I would say that these sites belong to pornography I would say that these sites belong to pornography blocking is not working in OpenDNS for this site Porn Porn Sites [ADULT] Porno domains new Porno domains new ADULT [porno] domains. false positives ~2-3% [ADULT]. May be false positivies(up to 5%) Taken from a host file Mobile Site video streaming causes lag and others are for adults only
its fine let them watch it Turkish Porn web site list Porn site These are not always successfully blocked. Pornography Look And block, Please. Video porn Not blocked when typed this way. noticed lots of comments that this porn site is not blocked. Why not? Is there any other software that opendns could recommend that could block this?‎ None Please make sure you block this site ASAP.
None I set filter for porn, but is not blocked! This site is not blocked! Pornography sites. Adult only. This domain is not currently blocked by Pornography category None NOT currently blocked when accessed as NOT currently blocked when accessed as This is available suddenly with OpenDNS on my network. This is porn. This is porn. NOT Blocked. Please block ASAP. yeah xxx
123456789 None pornography definitely. pornography definitely. pornography, nude This is adult content pornography Pls block this site This is not blocked even through it is clearly pornography why is this not blocked? Pornography Videos adult porn site Nudity/Pornographic/Pornographic Links DNS does not block DNS does not block
blocked None blocked clearly not being blocked all pages and links hooked to above pornhub is not being blocked by opendns porn This is a pornoraphy site Or perhaps just block * Porn sites currently not blocked. Really, why isn't it blocked?? Porn CONTAIN PORN CONTAIN PORN CONTAIN PORN CONTAIN PORN warning not being blocked by family shield somehow this is still not being filtered out Still not working. Can't we block * None Hey ! CONTAIN PORN pornography good work Hello!!?? It says "porn" in the name this isn't being blocked? Porn images only are blocked, videos play Ive been testing these features with this website and havent been able to get it blocked on my devices. not locked. Pornography website Why is this site not completely blocked like others such as ??? You can still access the site and see ads with adult content. NOT BLOCKED IN PORNOGRAPHY Pornographic Site Pornographic sites Pornographic sites Site not blocked with pornography blocker turned on. Not currently blocked with the 'www'. These are adult sites but still not blocked definite porn First one to come up on a google search for porn and is not blocked yet
Pornhub It is considered a portal. Block portals to block this site. Adult content. Porn Sites Pornography please block after so many requests Siti pornografici. None why won't this site block, it's porn, block please this domain is only partially blocked. is not blocked. All of these sites have very explicit porn videos, these should be blocked as adult porn sites. None Not blocked Not being blocked. Even added to my allows block and still not. Please block. 6/27/15 still works even added to individual list 6/28/15 Site still working, please block Some content on website is blocked but website itself is not blocked. Pornographic videos. OpenDNS does not block website. 7/4/15 clearly pornography clearly pornography clearly pornography Porn It is currently not being blocked. None Pornographic website Porn sites. HELP. When www is put infront of the domain, the website is not blocked. None
None Not being blocked Not being blocked Pornographic videos. OpenDNS does not block website. porn sites. don't seem to be blocked... Pornography Pornography Блокировка порносайтов Should be Porn and blocked Should be Porn and blocked Блокировка порносайтов Why this site is NOT blocked ??? why is this not blocked!!! needs updating now and blocking asap Not blocked??? Not being blocked, but clearly Pornography Not being blocked, but clearly Pornography Porn Not being blocked right now Not being blocked right now Even though is listed as a block site, it's not being blocked. All other porn sites get blocked except this one. These are porn sites that need to be blocked These sites are not blocked?? clearly openDNS doesn't work. There are literally dozens of people here saying the worlds largest porn website isn't being blocked. Opendns should either work, or shut the service down None Porn Porn why isn't this blocked- ???? why isn't blocked not blocked when prefixed with www This url is still not blocked Why isn't this blocked?! Adult content (serious hardcore porn and over and above that!) Adult content (serious hardcore porn and over and above that!) None adult Parental control allows it to be viewed on Microsoft Edge. Parental control allows it to be viewed on Microsoft Edge. why this one is not blocked?!! Clear your dns /browser cache, lol, porn watchers! Ban this crap. keep blocked thanks Hi, is not blocked by the pornography filter. youporn and other pornsites are working well. Currently not blocked although domain is clearly pornographic porn, please block This is a pornographic website. Some content is still displayed. This used to be blocked. For some reason it is not blocked anymore. Please update. This used to be blocked. For some reason it is not blocked anymore. Please update. Porn PLEASE BLOCK THIS? WTF? Porn can't be filtered !! Sorry can't open
None Should be blocked Please block it Porn site Why is OpenDNS not blocking this? Блокировка порнографических сайтов Блокировка порнографических сайтов Блокировка порнографических сайтов pornography pornography This needs to be blocked OpenDNS! Needs blocked! Doesn't get blocked How is this entire site not blocked!? HOW IS THIS NOT BLOCKED!???? This is NOT blocked These either contain direct porn, or can be googled to access porn indirectly. This site needs to be blocked - porn/adult/explicit/gay site These are not blocked by OpenDNS 18/4/2017 When prefixed with www, is not blocked. Site not blocked... why? Porn site Need to be blocked This one is slipping through the filters. Viewable as of 06/19/2017. Please block. This is a porn site please block it correctly This is clearly porn, but not being blocked by OpenDNS. This is clearly porn, but not being blocked by OpenDNS. porn Not being blocked by OpenDNS It's not getting blocked. Please block ASAP! Not getting blocked. Please block ASAP None None Not getting blocked. Please block ASAP Adult content Pornography and inappropriate content. None adult and sexually

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