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Tagged: Social Networking, Video Sharing

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  Search Engines added on 2015-10-09 by tecnico_inter Rejected
  Social Networking added on 2013-03-15 by zcc39r Approved by altlouie
  Video Sharing added on 2013-03-15 by zcc39r Approved by altlouie
  Software/Technolog... added on 2015-10-09 by tecnico_inter Rejected
  Photo Sharing added on 2013-03-28 by luweewoo Awaiting votes
  Sexuality added on 2018-08-21 by pinia Awaiting votes
  Nudity added on 2015-05-21 by mich_bel Rejected
  Pornography added on 2013-06-22 by porndetector Rejected
  Web Spam added on 2015-08-21 by w3bnt Rejected

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URL Comment ht servers, where a lot of "adult material". The problem is that social network Vkontakte does not fight with them[porn]. I propose to add the domain to the pornography section. PORN PORN!!!!! you need to autorize to show this and is not a porn site! it is a social networking site. just like anywhere else, people post or link to bad sites. you don't categorize google image search as porn, do you? These are not porn domains! It's a social network You have to register to access the content. Please turn off the pornography tag. is image hosting domain for, which is password preotected. Only direct link access allowed to

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