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Tagged: Chat, Social Networking

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  Tag Status Is this an appropriate tag?
  Chat added on 2008-11-08 by intezaar Approved by zelus
  Classifieds added on 2008-08-30 by daste Awaiting votes
  Dating added on 2008-05-20 by Yamin El Rust Rejected
  Games added on 2009-06-21 by folv Rejected
  Hate/Discriminatio... added on 2009-08-26 by santabarbara Awaiting votes
  Humor added on 2010-12-03 by Unknown Awaiting votes
  Instant Messaging added on 2009-11-03 by possibility Rejected
  Movies added on 2010-06-11 by marritto Rejected
  P2P/File sharing added on 2010-06-11 by marritto Awaiting votes
  Social Networking added on 2008-03-05 by z19 Approved by fatts Moderator
  Video Sharing added on 2009-07-25 by idler Rejected
  Webmail added on 2009-12-12 by werbator Awaiting votes
  News/Media added on 2008-11-08 by intezaar Awaiting votes
  Photo Sharing added on 2009-06-10 by evilgenius_07 Rejected
  Music added on 2010-06-11 by marritto Rejected
  Adult Themes added on 2008-12-12 by a-l-e-xx Rejected
  Sexuality added on 2010-06-11 by marritto Rejected
  Nudity added on 2008-09-07 by 4irik Rejected
  Pornography added on 2009-06-21 by folv Rejected
  Forums/Message boa... added on 2008-07-09 by a.sezer Rejected
  Anime/Manga/Webcom... added on 2016-03-02 by meamig17 Rejected

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