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Tagged: Video Sharing, Adult Themes, Lingerie/Bikini, Sexuality, Nudity, Pornography

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  Adult Themes added on 2008-03-22 by rkalantri Approved by Daniel Gifford Moderator
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  Lingerie/Bikini added on 2008-04-28 by OpenDNS User Approved by zelus
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  Sexuality added on 2008-04-28 by OpenDNS User Approved by zelus
  Nudity added on 2008-03-14 Approved by fatts Moderator
  Pornography added on 2008-03-10 by OpenDNS User Approved by doaa77 Moderator
  Non-Profits added on 2009-12-05 by lejojose Rejected
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  Web Spam added on 2012-09-14 by ahmed.hamdy Rejected

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URL Comment Pornography
adult nimporte quoi Pornography Porn Sites [ADULT] Porno domains new Porno domains new ADULT [porno] domains. false positives ~2-3% None None Taken from a host file no pornography aggregation site, like redtube or youporn These are Pornographic Sites Turkish Porn web site list
Pornography None
None Pornography Pornography sites. Adult only. This domain and many others using the xnxx designation are just hardcore xxx sites I Think It's The Biggest Sexuality Web On Internet I Think It's The Biggest Sexuality Web On Internet I hope you are gives votes against these links. I hope you are gives votes against these links. None This isn't blocked for me when using pornography tag.
None no porno None explict Pornography Pornography CONTAIN PORN CONTAIN PORN CONTAIN PORN CONTAIN PORN
yes yes
arrig sssssssssssssssssssss contain porn Pornography site i want to block it Adult Contents Pornography None
None none
None none none All of these sites have very explicit porn videos, these should be blocked as adult porn sites. This site is terrible porn sex Anime Porn This is against Godly principles. Блокировка порносайтов Блокировка порносайтов Add this These are porn sites that need to be blocked malo porn website pron site Блокировка порнографических сайтов Блокировка порнографических сайтов Porn hard-core pornography. Block it out Porn site None None Блокировка порнографических сайтов
18+ I am a fan of Bocked out plz Vulgar porn site The following are showing up even when the router is set for no porn. Shows up even when blocked This site needs to be blocked - porn/adult/explicit/gay site These are not blocked by OpenDNS 18/4/2017 sex Porn hub None it don't block. when browser with uc or opera mini it don't block. when browser with uc or opera mini Images of naked girls on google and masturbate pictures Adult contents None Video Sharing, Adult Themes, Lingerie/Bikini, Sexuality, Nudity, Pornography Porn Missing sexuality domains tageting vietnamese These are adult related sites. adult content domains adult content domains philippine porn sites and keywords

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